So there is a lot of recording software out their available so which one should I get? Why are you buying recording studio software? It seems like a straightforward question with a straightforward answer – to record music, right? In reality, it can be much more complex than that. Some people look for a recording program to help them perform live, while others might be looking for something to create beats or hip-hop instrumentals. Others might be looking for a program to help them record external instrumentation – a more traditional use for this type of software. All of the recording programs have unique elements to them, and this buying guide is here to shine more light on the differences between these products and how they help you achieve your recording goals. So, what is your reason for wanting to purchase a DAW?

Here are some.

Audacity Free (Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Unix)
Garageband Free (OS X)
Acid Music Studio $60.00 (Windows)
Reaper Around $60.00 (Windows, OS X)
Mixcraft Home Studio 8 ($49.99 – Windows)